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The Meaning of AZURITE

 The Stone of Heaven and Soul


Hardness:  3.5 - 4

Main Chakra:  Heart  and Spine (5th and 6th chakras)

Moss Agate Vibrates to the numbers 7 and 9

Astrological:   Sagittarius stone


Element: Water

Electric blue, blue green, turquoise

Color:  Azurite's name comes from an Arabic word meaning blue. Blue stands for meditation and communication.  However, the shifting colors of Azurites from blue to blue green and green speaks of transformation. 


Third Step:  Known as "The Stone of Heaven", it promotes the pursuit of the Spirit.  Azurite is a BEACON.   A lantern in the darkness that helps to unite the subconscious with the conscious mind and expands the limits of our minds. Azurite is a great stone to hold when learning how to meditate.

Azurite  is also a stone for CHANGE:  "Letting Go"... of old behavior, old patterns, old way of seeing the world.  It brings clarity and wisdom, and challenges us to rethink our "knee jerk reactions" and probe the depths of "WHY" we are reacting that way, giving us the opportunity to "choose again".

Eleventh Step: Sacred to Egyptians and American Indians,  Azurite improves communication with the spiritual world. (thereby promoting conscious contact)  It helps you to tap into the knowledge of the Universe, and provides new insight into all areas of life. 

(12th Step Stone - Carrying the message - and Passing it on.)

Not only does it help you to understand spiritual ideals, but also helps you to communicate those ideas to others in a way that other people can understand. 

Promises - Azurite helps to "turn on the light into your subconscious"  - giving you insight into how to intuitively handle situations that previously had baffled you. (one of the promises)

It renews, refreshes, and re-motivates the mind to climb to a higher level and purpose.

Azurite is a stone whose energies are best released by touching and rubbing the stones surface.


Calms anxiety; combats a lack of self-discipline; powerful healing force to physical body; brings emotional release, reduces depression, anger


Rib cage. Small bones. Circulatory disorders. Clears toxins. Relieve spasms and tics, joint pain, arthritis, back pain, spinal miss-alignment, enhances the flow of motion, skin diseases; anorexia.

Azurites strong association with Copper makes it a perfect addition to copper jewelry worn for arthritis or rheumatism.


Clears thoughts and understanding, cleansing, healing, transformation, perspective, purification, patience, kindness, intuition, prophecy, spiritual guidance, truth, expansion of ideas and beliefs, awareness, understanding , opens psychic center, reduces stress, relaxes inner confusion, promotes emotional stamina, intuition, creativity, inspiration.

Archangel Raphael is the Archangel for those in need of healing, wholeness, and unity and he is affiliated with the colors green and deep pink.

A Third, Eleven and Twelfth Step Stone

SobrietyStones: 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous - Addiction and Recovery

11th Step:

Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for the knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.

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SobrietyStones healing crystal jewelry and Inspirational Jewelry Gifts.SobrietyStones Crystal Healing Jewelry was created to help celebrate YOUR life, from birthdays, to anniversaries, and things yet to come.

SobrietyStones was founded on a shoestring, and started out on nothing more than "a wing and a prayer". We believed we could make a difference, that jewelry could go beyond adornment to the physical embodiment of your heartfelt wishes.

Meaningful Jewelry you could wear, each and every day, to help your remember that you are on a wondurous JOURNEY.

We create Healing Crystal Jewelry and Inspirational Jewelry Gifts that lift you up, give you hope, and inspire you to be all that you can be! Every single piece combines the energy of the Universe (stones) and your intention for your life, (hope) to help you along your journey.


Jewelry With Meaning and Purpose

  • Ask yourself, "What do I want to attract more of into my life?"
  • Select the Intention Jewelry that matches your goals and intentions.
  • Wear your healing crystal jewelry for 30 Days. (the time it takes to set a new habit).
  • Be surprised at the outcome!

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