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Handmade Beaded Crystal Healing Mens Chakra Necklaces

Mens Healing Intention Necklaces: Symbols that help focus your mind on what you want more of in your life. Its not magic. It's Universal Principle. What you give your attention to will always grow, and what you neglect or turn away from will always fade away.

SS NEC17 - Mens Healing Energy Intention Necklaces7 Chakra Balancing Necklace

SS NEC17 - Confidence in your Decisions, and the Courge to follow through with Action.

Poppy Jasper's Courage, Mookinite, and Hematite ability to see the truth in a situation and make effective decisions.

Handcrafted with decorative Bali sterling silver from the hills of Indonesia and secure lobster clasp closure. 

(Read detailed gemstone meanings for this chakra healing necklace)

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