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The Meaning of the Color RED by SobrietyStones™

Red Stones: Healing the Root Chakra



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The meaning of the color RED - Root ChakraThe Meaning of the Color RED

1st chakra - The Muladhara - Base, Root Chakra

Grounding and Survival - Base of the Spine

Color - Red and Black

Element - Earth Physical identity: Oriented to self-preservation

Aligned with the planets Pluto and Mars

The color Red is the color of physical energy, passion, courage, power, will, and desire. The Root Chakra is stable and grounding.

Red is powerfully linked to our most primitive physical and emotional needs of survival and self preservation

Red symbolizes energy, action, confidence, courage, and change. The color red brings passion and strength to your relationships, your life and your work.

RED Spiritually Effects: stability, security, grounding, courage, action, physical and emotional survival.

RED Physically Effects: the adrenal glands, kidneys, spinal column, back, hips, legs and feet. If your immune system is slow-moving, red will give it a kick-start. Red increases fertility in both men and women. Not surprisingly, red helps menstrual problems, blood and the circulation, stop bleeding, heals rashes and wounds.

The 1st Chakra is known as the Root or Base Chakra which exhibits the qualities of physical energy and vitality.

When this Chakra is blocked:

We experience: Lack of energy and vitality, depression, anxiety , fear, anger and frustration .

Qualities are - grounded, centered, belonging, pride, fully alive, able to trust, independent, determined, trusts in self and others, secure, patient, constant, ambitious, passion, commitment, energizing, mobilizing, warming.

As a general rule, red stones offer protection, courage, vitality, stamina, and energy.


Red Stones: Ruby, Carnelian, Cuprite, Garnet, Red Jade, Moonstone, Red Jasper, Calcite, Red Sardonyx

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ROOT CHAKRA STONES: Agate( Any Type), Almandine, Amber, Ametrine, Andalusite, Beryl, Bixbite, Bloodstone, Red Calcite, Carnelian, Red Coral, Diamond, Fire Agate, Garnet, Hematite, Iolite, Brown Jasper, Red Jasper, Ruby, Obsidian, Onyx, Smokey Quartz, Black Sapphire, Red Tiger Eye, Black Tourmaline, Zircon

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Keywords for RED Stones are: passion, determined, assertive, daring, energetic, energy, action, devotion, enthusiasm, impulsive, courage, protection, power, spontaneity, warmth, heat, blood, fire, love, excitement and aggression.

Essential Oils & Flowers - musk, vetiver, basil, and all root oils.

Foods that fuel and foster the Root Chakra are root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, parsnips, radishes, beets, and protein rich foods such as meat, eggs, beans, peanut butter, tofu and soy products, and hot spices such cayenne, and pepper, horseradish, hot paprika, and chives.

Too Much Red

Too much red and we tend to lose our temper quickly, become agitated, angry, overbearing, demanding, un-nerving, oppressive or even violent. May also be greedy, egotistical, domineering, bossy, addicted to wealth, high strung, hyperactive, addicted to self, dishonest, cunning.

The compliment of Red is Green, so if you need to tone down you raging passions, have a problem with temper or anger, or have trouble getting a hold of your emotions, add green to your surroundings.

Not Enough Red

Too little red and we become fearful, lethargic, cautious, whiny and manipulative. We can't reach our goals, lack self confidence, feel unloved, not grounded suicidal, weak willed, feel sexually inadequate, frustrated, alienated, separate, overly cautious, power conscious, possessive, needing outside approval, craving excitement. If your tired or feel exhausted, introduce more red into your world.

Energy levels are instantly heightened.

Wear RED

When you have a job that must get done, when you need a lot of energy, when you need or want to feel confident and in control, and when you want to feel sexy and desirable.

The most effective way to add the power of red or correct a balance in the 1st Chakra is thru adding natural red crystals and gemstones to your everyday wardrobe so they are close to you for several hours at a time and touching your skin, (the pulse points: ears, wrists, ankles, and neckline) and thus effecting your aura and Root Chakra.

This is much more effective than carrying stones in your purse or pocket, or placing them in your environment. For direct healing, the jewellery can be placed on the Root Chakra itself.


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