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One of my customers sent this to me and I was so very touched by her story, I asked her for permission to share it with you.  Her story tells me that is becoming everything that I hoped it would be. 


The old timers say that if you stick around long enough, your life will become beyond your wildest dreams.  Trust them.  The promises are real. If it can happen for me, it can happen for you.

The story of one very special 12 step bracelet...

As Christmas 2004 approached, I struggled with wanting to find the perfect gift for my 75 year old aunt. She and I had shared many experiences in our mutual quest to live a full and sober life.

Since the loss of my own mother 20 years ago, she has understood my own personal pain and inspired me to persevere. Life had been hard to her, yet she had the remarkable ability to share her strength and courage with others....especially with me.

This woman had given so much of herself, and all that she possessed, to her family; particularly to her two children...both of which have also struggled with their own sobriety.

Despite surviving multiple health issues, a failed marriage, being alienated from her children, and later, receiving a diagnosis of throat cancer, she maintained her faith in God and found great comfort in the fellowship of AA.

She worked for the city of Reno Nevada as a social worker and saw firsthand what the ravages of gambling and substance addiction can do to families and to the city she loved. Quite simply, this woman gave more than she received....and she was dearly loved by many.

In all honesty, I literally stumbled upon your web site last December. Yet, when I saw the beautiful jewelry you create, I knew that I had found the perfect gift for this special person in my life.

My aunt called me on Christmas night to tell me that she absolutely loved the bracelet I had ordered for her. (The Serenity Prayer Bracelet) I couldn't help but notice that she sounded so frail over the phone lines. Little did I know, it would be the last time she could call me.

Three weeks ago, I learned that my aunt experienced a reoccurrence of the cancer once thought to have been previously eradicated by surgery. Treatment was not possible and time was short.

My family decided that we would rather have the opportunity to say goodbye to her in person while we had the chance to do so. It was a long voyage...traveling from New Hampshire to Nevada, but it was an important one.

As I stood by her bed a week ago Sunday, she motioned to me to look toward her dresser. On the top of her dresser, stood a wooden cross which had been handmade years earlier by her son. And hanging from the cross, was the bracelet you created and which meant so much to her.

She explained that she had lost so much weight due to her illness that her bracelet kept sliding off her wrist. So she hung it upon the cross she had worshipped all her life.

My aunt passed away the next day. One week later, I received a box. Inside the box was the wooden cross which stood on her dresser. The bracelet, I assume, had been passed most appropriately to her daughter in the hopes that she too, can find serenity in her own sobriety. I consider it my aunt's legacy to the one person who needed it most.

I may order the same bracelet I gave to my aunt, for myself. I too, have found peace and serenity in sobriety.

And if I do, there is little doubt that my bracelet will hang from the same cross.

Thank you Shirley!


(If you mention in your email to me that you have read this testimonial, and were inspired to give this as a gift to a loved one struggling to stay sober and substance free, I will include a FREE gift card, (a 4.00 value) with the meanings of the stones and how they apply to the spiritual principles in The Serenity Prayer. )

God - Serenity - Acceptance - Change - Courage - Wisdom



God Bless, and thank you so much for visiting my site.


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