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12 Steps to Spiritual Recovery - Twelve Beads to celebrate your journey.



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Anonymous Jewelry for Anonymous People....

  SobrietyStones ™   12 Step Stones jewelry and are symbolic, meant to celebrate sobriety and remind you of the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and Principles of Right Living as suggested in the  Spiritual Program of Recovery  in the  Big Book of .

It's not that the gemstones come from a different place.

Its that they have a different MEANING for people in Recovery than to people who are NOT.

For Example:

  • Amethyst means spirituality to most of the people of the world.  But to people in recovery, Amethyst symbolizes SOBRIETY.

  • Rose Quartz means universal love to other people, but to people in recovery, it symbolizes the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE  found in the fellowship.

  • Citrine symbolizes financial success to many people, but to people in recovery it symbolizes success in reaching your goals in ALL you do.

So SobrietyStones is not about using different gemstones than all the other jewelry sites.  Its about what the jewelry symbolizes and means to the people who have chosen to change their life for the better, and asnwer to a Higher Power.

Its about interpreting the ancient meanings  of gemstones from a 12 Step point of view, as they relate to spiritual principles within the 12 Step program. 


WHY SobrietyStones??

I wanted a way for 12 Step Members to celebrate recovery and sobriety for themselves and with each other that did not shout  "I'm an alcoholic" or "I'm in a 12 Step Program". 

Jewelry your family could give to you, tasteful, quality jewelry without branding a "AA" on your neck, ears, or wrist for all to see. Recovery is a private matter on the public level.

This is personal jewelry. 

You might call it "Anonymous Jewelry".  You buy it for what it means to you, what step or principle it reminds YOU of, and to celebrate how far YOU have come. 

No one else will know you bought it here, or that it is recovery jewelry!


Think abut it. 

It's appropriate, don't you think?

Anonymous Jewelry for Anonymous people.

Ya gotta love it!


God bless and stop back and see our new styles soon.  If you'd like to email me and let me know what you think of the idea of Recovery Celebration Jewelry, I read every single email I receive.

Fondly, and with gratitude to all of YOU.  I could not be here without you.




They are solely provided to support a personal recovery program by continuing 12th Step work,  keeping it green, celebrating sobriety, and reaching out to the alcoholic who still suffers.



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SobrietyStones - Handmade Spiritual Recovery Jewelry 


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