Unfortunately, after losing much money in allowing people to purchase by personal checking account, I am going to have to insist that a Postal Money order be used from now on, or I will not be able to fill your order.  I wanted to allow this method because so may people in Recovery do not have credit cards, but some times the newly sober have issues. 

    I feel bad about it, but it just isn't working out,
    and it makes me look bad to my banking institution.

    Make checks payable to: Shirley Gordon

   To place an order using a Money Order please:

  • PRINT out this page on your printer.
  • Fill out all the information, (especially the NAME and DESCRIPTION
    of the item you want to purchase.)
  • Send payment with this form (money orders only).
  • Also please remember to email us about the items you are ordering: sgordon02@comcast.net

    Mail this form and your money order to:  
    Shirley Gordon
    601 Westerly Drive
    Marlton, NJ 08053

    Telephone: 1-856-630-2345  

    Your Name:
    State & ZIP:
    Email:   (in case I have questions about your order:
    Item Name: Qty: @ Each: Subtotals:
    Qty x Price
    Shipping: $5.60
    Total Price:   $       .      

    Please note that your item will not ship until you check has been processed.

    Thank you very much for your purchase.
    Please let me know when you purchase arrives. 
    Feedback is appreciated.
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    E-Mail Us:  SobrietyStones@comcast.net


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